Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour
Melissa Gijsbers Khalinsky invited me to My Writing Process blog tour. Link to her at

What am I working on?
At the moment I only have time for short story writing because I’m busy making a platform of speaking engagements to showcase my book Cambodian Harvest which will be released in April. I’m looking forward to getting back to working on my novel which has an historical premise. You can read my latest short pieces, Of Mice and Angels, on Rhonda Pooley - Writer (blog)
 or A Day At The Beach  on   

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
In terms of the biography, Cambodian Harvest, I have aimed for a journalistic approach which is not common among Christian biographers. I particularly admire Peter McSimons’ style (although not necessarily his politics!). My short stories and novel might be termed ‘literary fiction’ by some, but they aren’t so high falutin’ as that - trust me!

Why do I write what I do?
I’m interested in how the past impinges on the present - for better or worse – and how people handle that. My stories reflect this even when I haven’t set out with that consciously in mind. I write from a biblical world view, but with a non-Christian audience in mind.

How does my writing process work?
Slowly! And I’m a very linear sort of fiction writer. I like to start at what I think is the beginning and then work with a particular ending in mind. But in practice it rarely works out like that. Achieving a good ending is always the hardest thing for me.

Next week you will meet Anusha Atukorala on the Writing Process Blog Tour. Anusha is an accomplished public speaker as well as a writer of encouragement and warmth. Visit her at ‘Dancing in the Rain’: 
I have invited two more writers but I haven't had confirmation and information from them yet.


  1. Thank you for being part of the blog tour :) It's great to read a bit more about you and your writing. All the best for the book launch. April 1 will be here before you know it.

    1. Thank you for inviting me! I have been exposed to, and learned about, yet another tool in the blogging world as well as read something of other writing journeys. I sometimes feel we members of CWD and ACW are mere ships passing in the night! Looking forward to meeting a few in person at the conference in Bacchus Marsh.

  2. Looking forward to reading your book Rhonda. I love reading - and writing - about people, places and their culture. I have a particular love for Cambodians after a couple of years of working with New Arrivals after the horrific war there. It sounds like you really enjoy allowing the story itself to lead the way, Make sure we all know the details of your launch.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Good to meet someone else with a love for Cambodia. I'll post on CWD and ACW details of both launches - there is one in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide and one in the South, with the subject of the bio, Marion Fromm, attending both.

  3. Hi Rhonda. All the best for your upcoming book launch. Cambodian Harvest sounds like an interesting book and it was interesting hearing about your writing process.

    1. Thank you for reading and responding to the blog, Jeanette, and thanks, too, for your good wishes for the book launch. So excited!