Friday, 2 May 2014

 (inspired by a cafe name)

In the Garden of Eatin’
Dining sparse and wise leaves us bereft,
Crying “My genes aren’t my fault, it’s not fair!”
So with devil’s desire we eat, as we please, from the sinister tree on the left
And the result we must suck up and bear.

In the Garden of Eatin’
Choice is undeniable,
Though its root is more pride than need.
To shy at fences of self-denial we’re liable,
Opting less for nutrition than greed.

Too soon in the Garden of Eatin’
We’re faced with a widening girth,
Gut-groaning regret, and reflux at night.
With a wardrobe now useless, we ask “What’s it worth?
Time to dine from the life-giving tree on the right!
For it’s true…desiring a devilish tree
Is to eat inappropriately.”

© Rhonda Pooley  30.4.13

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