Friday, 31 July 2015

Dealing with Inertia

Blogger asks me, ‘Where have you been?’ I consider giving a blow by blow account of how busy last year was and how I haven’t adjusted to not being that busy; how tired my brain is and how, consequently, I can’t think of anything insightful to write about; how the effort of crafting, editing and honing even a Blog piece, wearies me to the point of inertia. And actually, I’m not sure I remember how to blog. What process did I employ all those months ago?

I open up Blogger to jog the memory, and it tells me rules and regulations have changed. All I wanted to do was write something, anything, not plow through two pages of intertech-babble! Now I have to deal with what has turned into a blog phobia. Feeling very ostrich-like.

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